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Abe Erb Brewing Company

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Buggy Whip IPA 7.10


From one of Bucky's roaming minions (D.S.) came a growler of BuggyWhip IPA purchased from the Abe Erb Brewing Company of Waterloo, ON. Keg was tapped on September 13, 2015 and the beer was 6.3% alcohol by volume.

The top half of the growler poured a clear dark amber colour, the bottom half poured the same colour but was considerably muddier. Obviously a few particulates settling in the growler. An aggressive pour raised about 1 of orange-tinged off-white head which quickly faded to a thin film and collar. Despite its meagre remnants, the fading head left a surprising quantity of lacing down the glass as the beer level dropped. Grapefruit dominates the aroma with undertones of pine. Sweet pale malts are the first taste encountered but are quickly washed away by a strong grapefruit bitterness, followed by notes of lemon and orange, with some pine in the finish. The grapefruit bitterness lingers long. The beer's carbonation is milder than normal for an IPA producing a soft mouthfeel, and BuggyWhip is best described as light/medium bodied. A good effort from the folks at Abe Erb and a respectable beer, but not much to distinguish it from the IPAs of many other craft brewers.

Rating: 7.10 / 10








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