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Brasseur de Montreal

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Le Stout Ghosttown 7.41


Brasseur de Montréal ("BdM"), a creation of  Marc-André Gauvreau and Denise Mérineau, opened its doors on March 7, 2008 in the historic Montréal neighbourhood of Griffintown, located at 1483, Ottawa Street. BdM makes 7 beers that are offered year-round as well as a number of specialty seasonal beers. All are served in BdM's resto-bar adjacent to the brewing facilities, where customers can watch the beer-making process during their meals.

While Bucky was stocking up on stouts and porters for the winter, he noticed and picked up a bottle of BdM's Le Stout Ghosttown ("Ghosttown"). Ghosttown came in a brown 341 ml bottle with no visible 'best before' or production date, and contained absinth, herbs and roots..should be an interesting experience because I have no idea what absinth tastes like! Ghosttown poured an opaque black with a thin mocha coloured head that quickly faded to a thin collar of foam around the glass, leaving behind some minor spotting. Its aroma was a powerful black liquorice with undertones of dark roasted coffee, and an elusive herbal smell that I can't quite pin down (absinth?). Just like the aroma, the beer's taste was dominated by a strong black liquorice up front, giving way to that elusive herbal taste and a dark roasted coffee, slightly bitter finish. The mild dark coffee bitterness lingers as an aftertaste. I'm not a fan of black liquorice, but this isn't bad at all. Ghosttown has a mild carbonation and is relatively light bodied (for a stout) with a smooth mouth feel. The interesting brew to be sure, and even though black liquorice is not a favourite of mine, quite respectable. Ghosttown sells for $2.95 per 341 ml bottle.

Rating 7.41/10






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