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Big Rock Brewery

Beer Name Rating
Rhinestone Cowboy Holsch Style Ale 6.27


At a local watering hole, Bucky ordered a draft pint of Rhinestone Cowboy Kolsch Style Ale from Big Rock Brewery of Calgary, AB. According to the brewery's website, Rhinestone Cowboy is 4.6% alcohol by volume.

The beer arrived at Bucky's table a slightly hazy pale straw gold colour, with a thin white head which left behind no trace of its brief existence. Its aroma was of grainy pale malts with a touch of lemon citrus, while the taste was white bread and grainy pale malt, followed by a touch of lemon citrus and very mild bitterness in the finish. Inoffensive enough. Light bodied with a medium carbonation and thin, watery mouthfeel this beer was a bit of a disappointment for Bucky's first beer from Alberta. Nothing unpleasant here, but nothing to really recommend it either.

Rating: 6.27 / 10






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