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Block 3 Brewing Company

Beer Name Rating
Biyeastual Farmhouse Ale 8.15
Frankenstout Session Stout 7.42
King Street Saison Ale 7.66


Thanks to one of Bucky's roaming minions (DS), he was able to sample a 500 ml bottle of Block 3 Brewing Co.'s King Street Saison Ale (“KSA”). Block 3 is a fairly new arrival on the craft beer scene, opening for business in September 2013 in St. Jacobs, Ontario. This particular bottle was packaged on April 24, 2014…beer doesn't come much fresher than this…and was 4.6% alcohol by volume.

KSA poured a very cloudy pale orange colour with no visible carbonation bubbles, and a fairly aggressive pour was required to produce about 1” of bright white head which faded to a thin film of foam inside of 3 minutes. The retreating head did leave some modest lacing behind it. The beer's aroma was a combination of spices, coriander and pepper in particular, with a distinct yeasty presence. Its flavour was sweet light fruits up front, followed by yeast, coriander and pepper, with a mildly bitter finish. The spicy notes and an inoffensive bitterness lingered as an aftertaste. A refreshing beer, but perhaps a bit heavy on the spice for my particular taste. KSA is a relatively light bodied beer with a suitable level of carbonation. Overall, a well-made beer, but the Saison style generally is not one that I would actively seek out.

Rating 7.66/10


From the 2016 Brew Box came a 500 ml bottle of Frankenstout Session Stout, produced by Block 3 Brewing of St. Jacob's, Ontario. 5.0% ABV and no production or ‘best before' date.

Frankenstout poured a transparent very dark brown, topped by about 1” of bubbly light tan head with decent staying power. The head gradually faded over the next 3-4 minutes to a collar and thin film, leaving some intermittent spotting and lacing down the glass. Its aroma was primarily dark chocolate with undertones of caramel. The taste was slightly sweet up front, the caramel preceding the dark chocolate, with a mild hop bitterness to the finish. Fairly straightforward considering that there are 11 different malts in here, and no sign of the dark-roast coffee flavours typical of a stout. Frankenstout was medium bodied with an average carbonation level and dry mouthfeel. The beer does live up to its “session stout” could drink a few of these in one sitting and it's a respectable brew. Somewhat disappointing though given the presence of 11 malts…other brewers seem to get a greater variety of flavours with far fewer malts.

Rating: 7.42 / 10

Delivered to Bucky's door in the February Brew Box, was a 500 ml bottle of Block 3's Biyeastual Farmhouse Ale. Though I'm generally not too keen on farmhouse ales, hope springs eternal. 7.2% alcohol by volume with no visible production or ‘best before' date.

Biyeastual poured a foggy but attractive amber colour, topped by 2” of the fluffiest pure white head. The head faded slowly over the next few minutes into a thin cap of foam that left some minor spotting and lacing down the glass. Its aroma was a tempting mix of yeast, sweet light fruits, cloves and a touch of pepper, the cloves stealing the show without overwhelming the others. Its taste was sweet up front with light citrus fruits, followed by yeast and cloves, with a mild delayed impact pepper to the finish. Very nice. Far too often the farmhouse ales go overboard on the spiciness. On the light side of light/medium bodied, with a typical (and appropriate) level of carbonation and creamy mouthfeel from the continuous cap of foam. A pleasant surprise all around.

Rating: 8.15 / 10





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