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Established in 2006 in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Microbrasserie Dieu Du Ciel ("Dieu Du Ciel") produces specialty beers for sale across Quebec, with additional sales to other Canadian provinces, the U.S., France and Australia. In 2009, Dieu du Ciel carried out its first expansion project, and now, two years later, the company has again reached the limit of its production capacity. A $300,000 repayable contribution was recently granted through Canada's Business and Regional Growth program, which will be used by Dieu Du Ciel to acquire a new bottling line, fermentation tanks, and to install a new conveyor, accumulation table, a warm room and a refrigeration system.

On this occasion, we sampled the brewery's Peche Mortel (Mortal Sin) in a 341 ml bottle purchased from the LCBO, with a production date of  May 2011. The production date is indicated by notches punched into the left hand side of the beer's label...the first time I've seen this method used. Peche Mortel ("PM") is billed as an Imperial Coffee Stout and is 9.5% alcohol by volume.

PM poured an opaque black colour, completely impenetrable by light, with about 1" of head the colour of foam on top of an espresso. The head lasted for 3 to 4 minutes before settling back into a collar and thin film, leaving significant lacing down the glass. It's certainly a beautiful looking beer. The aroma was of bitter coffee beans and roasted grain, with a sugary sweetness detectable as well. As the beer warms, a faint alcohol aroma also becomes detectable, but considering PM's high alcohol content, this aroma is surprisingly mild. PM's taste began with a sugary sweetness that lasted for a couple of seconds, before giving way to the taste of bitter coffee beans and roasted grains, and finished with a distinct bitterness. A bitter/coffee aftertaste was too strong for my liking, and I could still taste it long after the beer was gone. The balance seems to be lacking in this beer...rather than the bitterness acting to counter some of the the initial sugary sweetness, I'm just getting the two extremes. PM was appropriately carbonated for a stout, and was smooth and full bodied. Given the rave reviews that led me to try Peche Mortel, I was somewhat disappointed in this one...especially given its premium price of $3.22 per 341 ml bottle.

Rating 6.45/10.0



Beer Name Rating
Peche Mortel 6.45






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