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A 330 ml bottle of Gregorius Trappistenbier, brewed by Stift Engelszell of Austria, made its way into Bucky's cellar. 10.5% alcohol by volume, with a ‘Best Before' date of Jan. 21, 2017, selling for $4.45 per bottle at the time of writing.

Gregorius poured an opaque deep chestnut brown which brightened up to a brown/amber colour when backlit. Pouring produced about ½” of tan coloured head which faded to a thin collar and film in fairly short order, leaving behind some modest lacing and spotting. Its aroma was a unique mix of the sweet and sour, with rich chocolate notes and the vinegar aroma of a Belgian sour beer. Some plum in the background, and a bit of booziness as the beer warms. Gregorius' taste started off quite sweet with milk and dark chocolate with a bit of plumb, the sweetness then being whisked away by a mild sour vinegar flavour, finishing with an inoffensive bitterness. The sourness/bitterness lingers as an aftertaste, and a warming alcohol becomes more evident as the beer warms up a bit.. This is really like drinking two different beers, a strong, dark Trappist beer at the start, and then a Belgian sour. Though it sounds like an odd mixture, it does seem to work. Carbonation is very gentle, and Gregorius is full bodied with a thick mouthfeel. An enjoyable enough brew and worth a try, but not something I would return to. I think I'd prefer either a Trappist beer or a sour, rather than some sort of hybrid.

Rating: 7.87


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