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Lake of Woods Brewery

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Sultana Gold 6.25


From Kenora, ON via the LCBO comes Sultana Gold (Blonde Ale) brewed by Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. 5.0% alcohol in a 473 ml can and no visible ‘best before' or production date. Selling for $2.85/can at the time of writing.

Sultana poured an attractive light gold colour with plenty of visible carbonation bubbles, producing about 1.5” of fluffy off-white head which left some very modest lacing and spotting as it retreated down the glass. Head faded to a thin film and collar of foam within about 3 minutes. Its aroma was primarily sweet and grainy, with hop undertones. The taste was sweet malts up front, followed by a touch of apple, with a very mild hop bitterness in the finish…pretty straightforward stuff. Light bodied with a medium carbonation and slightly thin mouthfeel. Inoffensive, but uninspiring is the best way to sum up this brew. Not much if anything here for the serious beer geek.

Rating: 6.25 / 10







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