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Moosehead Brewery

Beer Name Rating
Boundary Ale 7.73
Lager 6.92


Moosehead Breweries Limited ("Moosehead") is located in Saint John, New Brunswick and is Canada's oldest independent Brewery. Founded in 1867 by Susannah Oland, Moosehead is still operated by the Oland family. Since Canada's three largest brewers; Labatt, Molson and Sleeman are all foreign-owned, Moosehead is now Canada's largest 100% Canadian owned brewery.  Moosehead Lager   ("ML") is the company's flagship brand and is 5% alcohol by volume, and in 2003 it won a Gold award at the World Beer Cup and earned another award when it won Gold at the Monde Selection.

I sampled ML on draft in a Mississauga restaurant in June 2010. ML poured a clear golden colour with about 2 cm. of  white coloured head that lasted for 3-4 minutes before settling down into a partial film and foamy collar. An average amount of fast rising bubbles from the carbonation were visible, and ML left some modest lacing and spotting down the glass. The aroma was fairly subdued, but pale malts and a subtle hop presence were detectable. ML's taste certainly followed its aroma, with the sweet, pale malts up front followed by a brief hoppy bitterness. Mouthfeel was smooth and the level of carbonation appropriate to the brew, and I'd say that ML was light/medium bodied. Overall, a clean, well balanced and refreshing enough beer that represents decent value for money... and it was good enough for me to order a second rather than switching to one of the foreign brews on offer.

Unfortunately there's just not enough here to keep me coming back, it's all a bit too toned down for my personal taste. You get the impression that Moosehead's main objective here was not to offend...and they accomplished the goal.

Rating: 6.92/10


Picking up a bottle of Moosehead's Boundary Ale on a day when the selection at his local liquor store was a bit sparse, Bucky's expectations were low. Boundary Ale came in a 473 ml can with a date code that read A 28 4 51 (I used to know how to read Moosehead's codes but have lost the skill), and was 5.3% alcohol by volume.

Boundary Ale poured an attractive dark copper/red colour that is beautiful to behold when backlit, with an abundant stream of visible carbonation bubbles. Pouring produced about 1.5” of light-tan coloured head with incredible staying power, the head eventually fading to a 1/8” cap of foam that stayed all through the sampling, producing a constant sheet of lacing down the glass. Full marks for the visuals…I have seldom seen a better looking beer. Its aroma was a bit subdued with notes of caramel malts and citrus hops. The beer's taste began with sweet caramel malts up front, quickly followed by a distinct hop bitterness and touch of lemon. The bitterness lingers as an aftertaste…not a big surprise given the beer's 39 IBUs, but overall there is a respectable balance here. Boundary Ale is medium bodied with a creamy mouth feel from the ever present head and a suitable level of carbonation. Selling for $2.80 per 473 ml can at the time of writing. A pleasant surprise from the folks at Moosehead, this brew is at least a full grade higher than your typical macro and certainly worth a try.

Rating 7.73/10





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