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Old Credit Brewing Company

Beer Name Rating
Amber Ale 7.70
Holiday Honey 7.82
Pale Pilsner 7.14


Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd. is located at 6 Queen Street West in Port Credit, Mississauga and has been in business for roughly 17 years (as of 2011). The brewery currently produces 3 beers; an Amber Ale, Pale Pilsner and a seasonal Holiday Honey. Old Credit uses a sub zero brewing process and ice ages its beers with no additives, preservatives or pasteurization, though its beers are artificially rather than naturally carbonated. As a result, its beers have an estimated shelf life of 6 months but are best consumed within 45 days of production for optimal flavour. Old Credit does not believe in printing production dates or best before dates on its beers, but chooses instead to pay particular attention to its inventory management. The company's distribution is limited to the Greater Toronto Area.

Old Credit's Pale Pilsner ("Pilsner") is 5.0% alcohol by volume, and I  tried it in a 680 ml bottle purchased from their on-premises retail store. Pilsner poured a clear, pale golden yellow colour, and following the ideal pouring method described on the company's web site, produced a 2" fluffy white head that lasted for quite some time. The head eventually settled down into a thin layer, leaving some moderate spotting down the glass. Pilsner's aroma was dominated by the hops, and its flavour very much followed the aroma with a hoppy bitterness dominating the brew. The finish was dry, but with a noticeable bitter aftertaste. Mouthfeel was crisp with the level of carbonation just right, and Pilsner was medium bodied.

Since the bottle held 680 ml, there was some beer remaining after the initial pour and this warmer beer was better balanced. The malt sweetness came through in both the aroma and taste of this warmer brew, better balancing the hop bitterness and with a more subdued aftertaste. While almost sacrilegious in North America, I would recommend taking this beer out of the fridge about 10-15 minutes before drinking...a much better experience than drinking it straight from the fridge. On balance, this is a respectable North Americanized Pilsner, though personally I could do without the aftertaste.

Rating 7.14/10.0


Old Credit typically begins selling its Holiday Honey ("HH") at the beginning of October, and we sampled it shortly thereafter in a 680 ml bomber purchased from the brewery's retail store. HH is 5.0% alcohol by volume. As is normal with Old Credit's beers, there was no date code on the bottle.

HH poured a clear, deep copper/gold colour with a visible stream of fast rising bubbles, and the copper/gold colour looked especially impressive when back lit. Pouring produced a 1 centimetre beige head that quickly resolved itself into a thin foam and collar, which left no spotting or lacing down the glass. The aroma was of sweet honey followed by hops...the first beer I've tried with "honey" in the name that actually smells like honey! The taste very much followed the aroma, starting out with a distinct, pleasant honey sweetness and transitioning to a slightly bitter hop finish. The honey sweetness and hop bitterness were well balanced and prevented the beer from being overly sweet. There was a slight honey and bitter aftertaste, but nothing strong or long lasting enough to be unpleasant. I found the carbonation to be a bit on the harsh side, and HH was light to medium bodied. Overall, I was impressed by this effort from Old Credit...the first "honey" beer I've sampled with a distinct honey aroma and taste (I'm talking to you Sleeman!).

This would be a good choice for guests at Thanksgiving and over the Christmas holidays as a change from their ordinary.

Rating 7.82/10.0

Old Credit's Amber Ale ("OCAA") is 5.0% alcohol by volume and we sampled it in a 680 ml bottle purchased from the brewery's on-premises retail store.

We poured the bottle according to the recommendation on the company's web site (a nice touch on Old Credit's on "How to Pour A Premium Beer"), and OCAA poured a clear, deep copper colour with about 2 centimetres of foamy beige head. The head lasted for about 5 minutes before resolving itself into a ring that left no lacing or spotting down the glass. Caramel malts dominate the aroma with just a hint of floral hops and fruit. As hard as I try, I just can't identify the type of fruit though. The flavour is of toasted caramel malts up front, with a hint of fruitiness that again I just can't pin down, transitioning to a dry and slightly bitter finish with a mild toasted malt/bitter aftertaste. Carbonation was fairly light which contributed to the smoothness of the beer, and OCAA was light to medium bodied. When all's said and done, a respectable, refreshing beer, but personally I would have preferred a cleaner finish. As with Old Credit's Pilsner, take this one out of the fridge 10-15 minutes before sampling for a much better experience.


Rating 7.70/10.0





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