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Side Launch Brewing Company, which merged with Denison's Brewing Co. in 2013, has finalized its re-branding of Denison's Weissbier under the new name ‘Side Launch Wheat'. Side Launch Brewing Company is a recent start-up and is located in Collingwood, Ontario. When he sampled this beer, Bucky had no idea that it was the old contract-brewed Denison Weissbier. Side Launch Wheat (“SLW”) came in a yellow 473 ml can with no visible production or ‘best before' date (cue the ominous music given Bucky's recent bad experience with an undated bottle of Spearhead's Moroccan Brown Ale). SLW was 5.3% alcohol by volume.

A cloudy orange/yellow colour, SLW poured with about 2” of strangely uneven lily-white head which left some respectable lacing down the glass. Its aroma was yeasty with notes of vanilla, lemon, and sweet light fruits…very nice but lacking some of my favourite wheat beer aromas like clove and banana. The beer's taste very much followed the aroma with sweet light fruits, orange, lemon, yeast and vanilla, with a mildly sour finish. Again, quite enjoyable but lacking the distinct stages of flavour that the very best wheat beers deliver. SLW had an active carbonation with fine, champagne like bubbles and I would describe it as light to medium bodied. Overall, a pleasant and refreshing wheat beer that I would drink again, but not yet on a par with the best that the Germans deliver. Selling for $2.70 per 473 ml can at the time of writing.

Rating 7.72/10

Beer Name Rating
Side Launch Wheat 7.72





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