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MicroBrasserie Trois Mousquetaires


Microbrasserie Les Trois Mousquetaires was established in 2004, and is located at 3755-C Boulevard Matte in Brossard, Quebec. Its Porter Baltique 2009 won World's Best Stout & Porter at the 2010 World Beer Awards.

This is the first beer that I have sampled from Trois Mousquetaires, and I was a little wary given its impressive reputation...having been disappointed in the last highly touted Quebec brewed beer that I tried. Porter Baltique Grande Cuvee ("PBGC") 2011 came in a corked 750 ml bottle purchased from the LCBO, with a date of 01/07/2011 printed on the reverse label. PBGC was a very healthy 10% alcohol by volume.

PBGC poured an opaque black..back lighting did nothing more than lighten the beer around the edges of the glass to a dark brown. The aroma was fabulous, a combination of chocolate, alcohol, dark ripe fruits and wet autumn leaves. Pouring produced just over 1" of crema coloured, creamy head which lasted for 4-5 minutes before disappearing completely, leaving no lacing or spotting down the glass. It's flavour was as wonderful as the aroma, with sweet, dark malts, chocolate, and dark fruits, ending with a modest bitterness. As the beer warms, the alcohol aroma becomes more noticeable, and the already modestly bitter finish mellows further. A bittersweet aftertaste lingers, and though I'm not normally a fan of lingering aftertastes, it was a shame that I eventually had to brush my teeth before going to sleep. Trois Mousquetaires has the carbonation just right on this one, and PBGC is full bodied with the creamy mouthfeel of an oatmeal stout. One thing that struck me about the beer was the variability in mouthful the chocolate dominates, in the next the dark fruits are more pronounced, in another the malt sweetness is front and centre. PBGC is a complex beer, but not so complex that the individual aromas and tastes get lost. In summary, a wonderful beer...the only area in which it falls down is the "value for money" factor. At $9.95 a bottle, I'll have to put this beer in the "special treat" category. In a 750 ml bottle, PBGC is best shared...or at least stretched out over a long winter night.

Rating: 8.70/10.0

Just before Christmas 2012, Les Trois Mousquetaires' Weizenbock Grand Cuvee ("Weizenbock") made a brief appearance at Bucky's local LCBO. Based on the quality of the brewery's Porter Baltique, Bucky bought a corked and caged 750 ml bottle of Weizenbock for $9.95. The bottle was marked with a production date of October 15, 2012, and removed from the fridge early enough to serve at the recommended temperature of 10-14C. The beer was 10.5% alcohol by volume.

Weizenbock poured an attractive orange-tinted dark brown colour, with more clarity than I would have expected from a wheat beer, with some fine bubbles visible toward the top of the glass. Pouring produced 2" of beige coloured head which faded to a thin cap within 4 minutes, leaving surprisingly little in the way of lacing and spotting behind it. Its aroma was quite sweet and malty, with distinct notes of fortified wine, ripe banana, and mixed dark fruits...very nice, and a bit reminiscent of Unibroue's Terrible. Weizenbock's taste included all of those elements in its aroma, plus alcohol and a bit of chocolate. The carbonation was quite active, but nothing prickly, and I would describe the beer as rich and medium/full bodied. On balance, not quite what I was expecting from a wheat beer, but enjoyable nonetheless. Definitely a beer to be shared given its richness, and though very good, I have to lower the rating a bit given the price tag. Trois Mousquetaires' reputation for producing quality craft beers remains intact.

Rating 8.35/10

Having sampled two very good beers from Quebec based Les Trois Mousquetaires (both currently in my Top 10 list), Bucky picked up a bottle of their Hopfenweisse Wheat Ale ("HWA"). HWA came in a brown 750 ml bottle with a production date of April 1, 2013 printed on the rear label. This beer is 6.0% alcohol by volume.

HWA poured an opaque peach colour with some visible sediment in the bottom of my glass...not out of the ordinary with an unfiltered wheat beer. Pouring produced about 1" of fluffy white head which lasted for several minutes before fading to a 1/8" cap that lasted throughout the sampling. The head left some minor lacing and spotting behind as it slowly retreated. The beer's aroma was dominated by herbal hops and grapefruit, with that wonderful banana aroma characteristic of German weisse beers noticeable, but confined to the background. In the bottle itself I can smell mango...but sadly I couldn't detect the same aroma in my glass. The flavour began with a tasty, sweet banana, which was quickly overwhelmed by a dry herbal bitterness and quite bitter grapefruit finish. The bitterness endured as a long-lasting aftertaste. HWA had a creamy mouthfeel, fairly active carbonation with visible bubbles even through the beer's haze, and was medium bodied.

Sadly, this style of beer just doesn't work for me. There's nothing wrong with the beer itself, the usual Trois Mousquetaires' quality is there. But if I'm in the mood for a weisse beer I'd prefer a pure weisse with its fabulous banana, clove and coriander aromas and tastes...and not this weisse/IPA hybrid where the best features of a weisse beer are overpowered by the hop bitterness. As you've probably guessed, I will not be revisiting the "hopfenweisse" style. HWA sells for $6.75 per 750 ml bottle.

Rating 6.55/10

Continuing his selfless quest for the ultimate beer, Bucky turned to a new style of brew (for him), a gose or sour ale from Quebec based Les Trois Mousquetaires. Gose came in a 375 ml brown bottle with a production date of March 25, 2014, and was 3.8% alcohol by volume.

Gose poured a very cloudy apricot colour with a thin, fizzy white head that vanished without a trace within two minutes. Its aroma was intriguing…lemon, orange peel, and a mix of other sweet light fruits. The taste truly has something for everyone; it's a well balanced mix of sour lemonade, sweet orange and yeast, with a drying, mildly salty finish. I'm not picking up any of the coriander seeds listed in the ingredients, but nonetheless this is a very refreshing beer. Light bodied with an active carbonation, this could easily become one of Bucky's favourite summer beers along with the better hefeweizens. Another solid brew from the folks at Trois Mousquetaires, Bucky wishes that he had bought more than just the one bottle to sample. Selling for $3.60 per 375 ml bottle in the People's Republic of Ontario.

Rating 8.40/10


Beer Name Rating
Porter Baltique Grande Cuvee 8.70
Gose 8.40
Weizenbock Grand Cuvee 8.35






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