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Le Trou du Diable

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La Saison du Tracteur 7.71


Though not terribly fond of the saison style of beer, Bucky picked up a bottle of La Saison du Tracteur (“SDT”) because he was eager to try something from Le Trou Du Diable of Shawinigan, Quebec. SDT came in a brown 375 ml bottle with what I'm assuming is a bottling date of April 9, 2014 , and was 6.0% alcohol by volume.

Pours an attractive opaque apricot colour with a 2” fluffy white billowing head that collapses in a couple of minutes, leaving behind some very modest spotting and lacing. The aroma is complex with notes of lemon, yeast, passion fruit and spice…so far so good. And now for the taste. Lemon, yeast, and passion fruit up front, giving way to a distinct spiciness, with a bitter finish. A spicy bitterness lingers as an aftertaste. SDT has a lively carbonation with a dry mouth feel, and I would describe the beer as light/medium bodied. As I said, not my favourite style of beer, but even so, it is good enough that I look forward to trying something else from Trou Du Diable. Selling in the People's Republic of Ontario for $3.55 per 375 ml bottle.


Rating 7.71/10





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