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All or Nothing Hopfenweisse 7.87


From Underdog's Brewhouse in Oshawa Ontario, via the government beer monopoly, Bucky procured a 473 ml can of All or Nothing Hopfenweisse. To be perfectly honest, I'm not a fan of this particular style, but pickings at the LCBO were slim on this occasion. 5.1% alcohol by volume with a production date of 0915 printed on the can.

All or Nothing poured a hazy golden/amber colour with plenty of visible carbonation bubbles, topped by 1” of fluffy white head with some respectable staying power. The retreating head left a considerable amount of lacing down the glass…high marks for the visuals. Its aroma had a big clove element to it, together with notes of lemon citrus, yeast and sweet light fruits. The taste was sweet up front, followed by notes of yeast and lemon, with a mild bitterness to the finish. Unlike Bucky's prior experiences with the hopfenweisse style, the bitterness did not overpower or mask those desirable wheat beer flavours, and no bitter aftertaste here. Light/medium bodied with a typical carbonation level and a crisp mouthfeel. Overall, a refreshing brew and a pleasant surprise.

Rating: 7.87 / 10





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